IPv6 Network Certified Program

The IPv6 Network Certified Program allows equipment vendors to certify their routers\' compliance with NETVIGATOR\'s IPv6 network. 

The next-generation IP

The next-generation Internet Protocol (IP) can generate a virtually unlimited number of
IP addresses in order to cope with explosive growth in Internet use.

IPv6 Network Certified Program
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Welcome to the IPv6 Network Certified Program, which allows equipment vendors to certify their routers' compliance with NETVIGATOR's IPv6 network. Key objectives of this Program are to :

  • Encourage and accelerate support of IPv6 routers in the consumer broadband market

  • Certify routers' compliance with NETVIGATOR's IPv6 network

  • Establish an ecosystem of relationships with equipment vendors

  • Explore opportunities for product integration and joint marketing activities

Router certification includes:

  • Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) support for NETVIGATOR's IPv6 network

  • Compliance with DHCPv6 prefix delegation

  • Compliance with IPv6 over PPPoE

  • IPv6 pass - through

Benefits to equipment vendors joining the program include:

  • Router testing and evaluation in a well-equipped and collaborative environment

  • Promotion on the NETVIGATOR IPv6 website as a certified router

  • Certificates and stickers for certified routers in support of marketing activities

  • Updates on NETVIGATOR's IPv6 network

Please email ipv6cert@netvigator.com for IPv6 Network Certified Program details.


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  • netgear
  • huawei
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