csl. Wi-Fi | Overview and features

Enjoy a fast Internet surfing experience at more than 15,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong.

High-quality wireless broadband

Enjoy a fast Internet surfing experience at more than 20,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong.


csl Wi-Fi is Hong Kong’s leading Wi-Fi provider and the first to launch a local 1,000Mbps^ Wi-Fi hotspot service based on 802.11ac^ technology. We provide high-quality wireless broadband at more than 20,000 hotspots throughout convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, MTR station concourses and platforms (excluding Light Rail) and Airport Express stations and trains. This is in addition to universities, other institutions of tertiary education and public phone kiosks in Hong Kong.

  • ^
    Based on 801.11ac technology, csl Wi-Fi 1,000Mbps is the network specification applicable to certain csl Wi-Fi hotspots. The network specifications will not correspond to the speed experienced by hotspot users as speed will be affected by the user’s device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, network configuration and coverage, usage levels and extraneous factors.
  • Remarks: NETVIGATOR customers should use the “CSL” SSID when logging into csl Wi-Fi service manually.