Featured Student Offer

Register for 1000M Broadband Service to get designated Google Wifi service for FREE

Register for 1000M Broadband Service to get designated Google Wifi service for FREE
  • Featured Student Offer

    * This is a limited time offer and is applicable to new NETVIGATOR Broadband Service consumer customers (whose service installation address has not been installed with any NETVIGATOR or LiKE1OO Broadband Service at any time in the past three (3) months from the application date) in designated residential areas. The offer is only applicable to local full-time primary, secondary and tertiary students who are able to present a valid student identity document and such other documents to our satisfaction for our verification. Registrants to the NETVIGATOR Broadband Service must be aged 18 or above. If the Student is under aged 18, subscription to the NETVIGATOR Broadband Service must be completed by his / her parent or guardian, by presenting the student's valid student identity document with the service installation address listed on the student document and such other documents to our satisfaction for our verification. Eligible customers must subscribe to designated NETVIGATOR Broadband Service with a minimum of 36-month commitment period, continue to use the service throughout the Commitment Period and allow us to complete the service installation within 30 days from the application date, in order to qualify for 36-month "King of Coverage - Google Wifi Solution (Basic)" ("Google Wifi Service") under HKT Smart Living Home Networking Wireless Service, as an extra service of NETVIGATOR Broadband Service. Each service installation address may only enjoy the offer once. This Google Wifi Service includes provision of two Google Wifi devices and one 5-port network switch. Customers can pay an additional monthly fee to upgrade to other plans/models according to selected plan.

    # Bandwidth Specification refers to network specifications of the subscribed Services for the broadband line connected from the modem at your Premises to the first piece of network equipment or central office of the NETVIGATOR network. For Fiber-to-the-Home Plans, bandwidth specifications of 1000M correspond to a maximum upstream and downstream bandwidth of 1000Mbps. The actual speed you experience using the Service will be less than the network specifications and affected by your device, technology, network and software used, network configuration and coverage, usage levels, international bandwidth and extraneous factors.

    Features of NETVIGATOR SHiELD include IoT device protection and help protect against phishing & malicious sites. General Terms of Use of NETVIGATOR SHiELD are available at here. This service is provided by us while the technologies are provided by Akamai Technologies Inc. .

    Features of Norton Security service include computer security (firewall and anti-virus), web-browsing inspection, and identifies software and hardware vulnerabilities. General Terms of Use of Norton Services, available at here. This service is provided by NortonLifeLock Inc.

    uHub plus Cloud Storage Service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications ( "HKT" ) Limited subject to the applicable terms and conditions, including but not limited to the General Conditions of uHub plus Service (available at here (hyperlink:www.uhub.com)). Customers are required to register uHub plus service via www.uhub.com within 3 months after their NETVIGATOR Service installation to enjoy 10GB uHub plus cloud storage. Otherwise, customers will only be entitled to the prevailing uHub plus basic storage capacity. If the designated NETVIGATOR Service is terminated by a customer or HKT for whatever reason, the customer's uHub plus storage entitlement will be terminated or downgraded.

    ^ According to Hong Kong's Fiber-to-the-Home ("FTTH") household penetration rate-as reported by the Office of the Communication Authority in December 2019 – HKT accounted for more than 60% of household connections, ranking it first in terms of FTTH market share.

    a Subscription to designated Extra Services is required. Terms and conditions apply.

    Visuals are for reference only.

    NETVIGATOR Broadband Service and HKT Smart Living Home Networking Wireless Service are provided by us, Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited, and are only available in designated residential areas, subject to the relevant terms and conditions. In the event of any dispute in connection with this offer, our decision shall be final, binding and conclusive.