Superb Broadband Service for Students

Enjoy 1000M NETVIGATOR Fiber-to-the-Home broadband service from monthy of HK$138 and get FREE MOOV service and VIU Premium service for 24 months.

  • Superb Broadband Service for Students

    Please call 2888 0008 then press 1
    or visit any HKT Shops

    This is a limited time offer. *This Student Offer is only applicable to new customers residing at designated estates subscribing to designated NETVIGATOR Broadband Service (customers whose installation address has not been installed with any NETVIGATOR / LiKE1OO Broadband Service within 3 months prior to the application date). The Offer is only applicable to local full-time tertiary students (“Eligible Customers”) who are aged 18 or above and are able to present a valid student identity card. Eligible Customers must subscribe to the service with a 24-month commitment period (“Commitment Period”), continue to use the service throughout the Commitment Period and allow us to complete the service installation within 30 days from the Application date. The Offer is available for each installation address once. Once NETVIGATOR Broadband Service is successfully installed, redemption codes (“Redemption Code”) will be sent to Eligible Customer’s registered mobile phone number within around 6 weeks for their activation of the MOOV Music Service and Viu Premium Service. ▼This is a limited time offer only available for Hong Kong Broadband switching subscribers. △Customers must activate NETVIGATOR broadband service within 12 months from the date of application. If you have any enquiries about NETVIGATOR services or this offer, please contact one of our sales representatives. ~Customer is required to register uHub plus service via here within 3 months after his/her designated Broadband Service installation to enjoy 50GB uHub plus cloud storage. Otherwise, customer will only be entitled to prevailing uHub plus basic storage capacity. If the designated NETVIGATOR Broadband Service is terminated by Customer or HKT for whatever reason, Customer's uHub plus storage entitlement will be terminated or downgraded as determined by HKT. ▲By redeeming and/or using any MOOV Music Service, the user is deemed to have agreed to comply with and be bound by the MOOV Service Terms and Conditions. The MOOV Service Terms and Conditions can be accessed here. The Redemption Code may not be used for certain MOOV user accounts (for example, those bound by service commitment periods or subscribed under auto-roll service plans). ◆Subscriber must be aged 18 or above and agree to become a Viu member. He/she must also agree to be bound by the "Viu Terms and Conditions" and "Personal Information Collection Statement" applicable to Viu Service. The relevant "Viu Terms and Conditions" and "Personal Information Collection Statement" can be accessed here and here respectively. Offer is not available to existing Viu Premium Service subscribers. #Gamer Pack Service is only available to designated NETVIGATOR Fiber-to-the-Home Broadband Service customers. Customer must subscribe with a 24-month commitment period and is subject to Gamer Pack Terms and Conditions (available here).

    +Bandwidth Specification refers to network specifications of the subscribed Services for the broadband line connected from the modem at your Premises to the first piece of network equipment or central office of the NETVIGATOR network. For Fiber-to-the-Home Plans, bandwidth specification of 1000M corresponds to a maximum upstream and downstream bandwidth of 1000Mbps. The actual speed you experience using the Service will be less than the network specifications and affected by your device, technology, network and software used, network configuration and coverage, usage levels, international bandwidth and extraneous factors. ^According to Hong Kong’s Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) household penetration rate – as reported by the Office of the Communications Authority in December 2017 – NETVIGATOR accounted for more than 60% of household connections, ranking it first in terms of FTTH market share.

    NETVIGATOR Broadband Service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited. Viu is provided by PCCW OTT (Hong Kong) Limited (a subsidiary of PCCW Limited). MOOV Music Service is provided by MOOV (Hong Kong) Limited.