REAL Fiber-to-the-Home
A wide range of broadband service plans and choice of bandwidth to meet the needs of a diversity of users
NETVIGATOR Fiber-to-the-Home technology combined with the strongest international bandwidth delivers an ultra-fast broadband experience!
uHub plus cloud storage service
Handle all multimedia content such as movies, music, photos and documents with large capacity per user.
Saving your data in a uHub plus cloud storage enables you to retrieve it from any location served by Internet access.
csl Wi-Fi Service
More than 15,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong
Our csl Wi-Fi service customers can access to more than 15,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong and enjoy the quality wireless broadband Internet service.
F-Secure Safe Anywhere
(New updates available)
Comprehensive online protection gives you a peace of mind
Comprehensive online protection for your PC, Mac and Android mobile devices with the enhanced anti-virus,  internet security, parental control and mobile security.
Broadband Corner
All you need to know about broadband fiber optic and Wi-Fi connectivity
Useful tips and facts on broadband and wireless routers for the general users